Our Philosophy

The management and staff at Discoveries Educare are first and foremost the child’s advocate. We are committed to acting in the child’s interest in all aspects comprising of learning, social and welfare nature. We distinguish that significant relations are a vital part to a child ‘s education and growth, reinforced by an appreciation of the prosperity of cultures surrounded by our adjacent community. We endeavour to provide an atmosphere of friendship and safety, in which all children feel cherished and in that find the assurance to embrace the diversity of the individuals around them. This is projected to raise healthy, positive attitudes, giving a balanced perspective on life. 


We believe that a partnership between the home and the Centre are important for the family in strengthening the bonds of the family unit. Parents and caregivers should feel comfortable discussing their expectations, delights, ambitions and anxieties for their children with staff by having an environment of open communication.

Children at the centre are taught principles and morals in the curriculum. Our programme is focused on being child-centered and is put together on the value that takes place in the family, community and wider world. We believe there are several paths to a fruitful child learning experience of originating from the child’s interest. 


We also believe it is vital that children are physically, cognitively and spiritually enhanced. We value the imaginative development of children in both the outdoor and indoor environments. We place great importance in children’s learning through play, recognising specific interests, strengths and abilities. As teachers we provide for children the love of learning, making their journey exciting and challenging for them to thrive.

As staff we celebrate each other’s differences and contributions through open communication. We see it as our responsibility to create an environment, which upholds the bicultural heritage of New Zealand and the principles of partnerships inherent in the Te Triti 0 Waitangi. We celebrate a rich environment where languages, rituals and symbols of children’s own and other cultures are promoted and protected.