Center Program


Rest time

Getting sufficient rest during the day is essential to a child’s growth and development. We provide the necessary bedding to ensure that each child gets the rest that he or she needs. We also wash our linens every after use and store them separately as required by the Ministry of Health.


Play time

To encourage your child to be physically active, socially competent and emotionally resilient, we have created a spacious, fun indoor and outdoor environment for them to play and interact with other children.


Afternoon time

Our staff spends quality time with your child by telling stories, dancing, singing and other fun group activities. We also encourage them to be responsible by letting them tidy up their toys, bed and organize things themselves.



We take your child on a daily walking excursion around the centre to encourage exploration and active participation. We also regularly plan trips that seek written permissions from parents or carers.  We encourage parents like you to join in these trips to spend quality time and participate in the learning experience of your child.


Social and community involvement

We let the children enjoy daily excursions to places close to the centre such as the park, library, local shops and other places of interest to the children. During enrolment, we will ask for your permission to let your child join these excursions.



We understand the importance of your child’s birthday and we encourage celebrating it in our programme. Celebrations are usually done during afternoon time where family members and friends are welcome to attend. You can bring a birthday cake and party hats during these occasions. Furthermore, we support and respect the cultural differences of each child and encourage them to experience the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa/New Zealand. Our centre’s environment is designed to acknowledge the dual heritage of the ‘Treaty of Waitangi’ partners.