Educational Philosophy

Our-Philosophy-Kids-Making-Cupcakes.jpgOur program is based on the principles and standards of the Government’s Early Childhood Curriculum (Te Whaariki).  Children are observed and assessed through various evaluation tools (learning stories, child’s voice, parent input, individual development plans) and this information assists in the monthly programme planning for each child.

The Te Whaariki has four broad principles:

  • Empowerment – empowering children to learn and grow.
  • Holistic Development – reflecting the holistic way children learn and grow.
  • Family and Community – recognising the wider world of family and community play an integral part in a child’s growth.
  • Relationships – recognising that children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things.


Discoveries goals arise from these four principles:

  • Well-being – the health and well-being of the child is protected and nurtured.
  • Belonging - children and their families feel a sense of belonging.
  • Contribution – opportunities for learning are equitable and each parent’s contribution is valued.
  • Communication – the languages and symbols of their own and other cultures are promoted and protected.
  • Engagement – the child learns through active exploration of the environment.


Our philosophy is to provide children with a secure learning environment where they are safe and nurtured. This is done so children enjoy the challenge of learning and grow in their ability to explore the world around them. Children feel nurtured by the respect shown by teachers for themselves and their culture.

Discoveries provides services to children and families regardless of their race, religion, gender, cultural heritage, political beliefs, parent’s marital status, disability, national origin or sexual orientation.

We aim for our staff, parents, whānau and management to work as one big family. We promote an open-door policy and a communication process that encourages children, staff, management and parents/whānau/caregivers to feel a sense of belonging within our environment. We can work together to provide the best for your child. We encourage parents, who are equal stake holders in the success of children, to talk to staff and know that their suggestions are very welcome.

We believe that the solution to every problem starts with communication so we consider the development and maintenance of open communication between parents and staff to be critical. Our teachers are always available for you, the parents and whānau, to come and discuss any part of your child’s education.

Parent’s input is highly valued.

Discoveries has its own policies and procedures which are kept in the Office and displayed in each centre. From time to time policies may need to be reviewed and, as we value your input, documents will be available to you for comment. We want you to feel comfortable to share your views with us.

At Discoveries we want your child to be ready to embrace the world with more confidence and to be ready to make the transition to Primary School without stress. To this end, we encourage interaction with the wider community through regular trips and events.