"We love sending our daughter to Discoveries Educare Lincoln Rd. She was shy when she first arrived there but now with the love and attention of the teachers, Victoria has really come out of her shell. The team treat her like she is their own, My wife and I are so pleased with the service that we have received here. We feel like we have become part of the Discoveries family."
Stephen, Layne and Victoria.

Hope all is well
Stephen King



"我很喜欢LINCOLN 路的这家DISCOUVER EDUCARE, 刚带Dylan来的第一天,有好多小朋友过来打招呼,问我儿子名字,我们从哪里来?超级热情,孩子们都特别的开朗好相处。Tanya是Dylan的老师,因为是中国老师非常的贴心,Dylan很喜欢她。Eve是毛利老师,Dylan说Eve很棒什么都会,会好多语言。再说早茶,中饭,下午茶。这个是我最满意的地方,以前孩子从幼儿园回家,上车就要吃的,然后一直在吃。我来接孩子时候看到过他们的下午茶,真的是很丰富,孩子一直在吃,很喜欢。回家也不会饿,等晚饭跟我们一起吃。真是太满意了。


"I like Lincoln Rd Discoveries Educare very much. On Dylans first day, quite a lot the children came and said “hello” to us. They asked what my sons name was and where we came from, made us feel comfortable."




"Pranav loves coming to Discoveries at Newmarket ! The perfect place for children when parents are at work. All the teachers are lovely and give full attention to the kids. (Priti)"



"Discoveries at Newmarket is Lucas’s home away from home. He is happy to come to the centre every day and we know his teachers love him and so does he. Keep up the good work! (Michelle)"




"Both my children area at Discoveries Newmarket and both of them love it! The teachers at the centre are wonderful. They are caring, dynamic and creative and know how to get the children interested in the many activities they set up. I am so glad I picked Discoveries! Thank you Team! (Florence)"




"Andy loves coming to Discoveries in the morning. He always has stories about playing with his friends and the things he’s learned. (Douglas)"




"We have twins and both of our boys just love being here every day. There are so many activities that are set up for them every day. It just gave us a sense of satisfaction that our kids are learning and growing every day. The teachers always lend a personal touch to all. Interactions are wonderful with the kids. We are really glad we chose Discoveries. (Ryan)"





"Discoveries at Browns Bay is a Fantastic centre, my little girl absolutely loves it. The teachers are very caring and are really devoted to great childcare and learning.  The centre has lots of space both indoor and out and do lots of age appropriate activities."

Toni Graham






"We Love Discoveries at Browns Bay, lovely friendly ladies, awesome play space for the kids in and out, love the relaxed atmosphere. "

Louise Maney



"Discoveries at Browns Bay is a clean and happy place. Thank you for looking after my babies :). "

Areej Nasir

"I love Discoveries Browns Bay. The ladies are lovely friendly and my daughter adores her teachers and talks about them constantly. Shes developed so much in the short period of time. Great daycare!!"

Maia Hema



"Our son Thaunton aged 3 has been attending Discovery Educare at Target Rd for almost 12 months now and he is loving it. It's a great facility offering kids a lot of space both indoor and outdoor to develop. Since attending Discovery Educare we have seen a huge amount of growth in Thaunton. He loves the friendly staff and the environment and has grown in confidence as a result.

Thanks Discoveries!!"

"Discoveries on Target Rd is the best Daycare and I have no regrets moving my daughter here, she has opened up in her development so much and her social skills with other children is increasing every day.

The teachers are amazing and so kind and my daughters loves them a lot which to me means a lot!"




I would just like to thank all the staff at Gadsby Road Childcare in Mangere.

My sons attends the centre, for 5 day per week and I don’t have to pay any fees !!

This is such a fantastic centre who really cares about families and how this, no fees system really helps my family out.

The Teachers and Manager are awesome and my son loves it here.

So thanks from our family.: 

By S.Pratap




I want to thank all the teachers at Discoveries Educare Mangere, you all have been so wonderful, thank for the help and support during the time that my children started at the centre.

I wasn’t easy for me to bring them to school, but now they love it and I am so happy to see how well they are doing,

and the best part is that I do not have to pay any fees, this really helps out my family at this time. : By K.Robinson 




The team at Boon St. are great, due to my financial Situation they understood and took my child in the centre for free. (No Fees and they provide quality care for my child). Thanks to Discoveries Educare management for working around our community. By: A Kumar