Tips for Parents

We believe:

  • Parents are the first teachers of children and so we will embrace and encourage parent participation and involvement within our centres on a daily basis, as well as in our program development.
  • The relationships between family and centre, families and carers and between families of peers are imperative for community strengthening and support, and we will create and promote opportunities for families and employees to come together on a social level.
  • Relationships that are established between employees and parents are valuable and crucial to the education and well-being of children in our care, and we will endeavour to establish and maintain these relationships by utilising diverse means of communication.
  • The early childhood centre is a focal point for continual education and support for parents as they undertake this important, life-long role, and will encourage parents to access information available to them.

Spend time in the centre

Once you have narrowed down your list according to hours, location and reputation, it is a good idea to spend some time at the centre with your child. This will give you a ‘feel’ for the centre’s atmosphere and answer some basic questions about how it is run:

  • Do the children receive quality attention and care?
  • Are the staff attentive?
  • Do the staff appear happy in their roles as teachers?
  • What is the staff turnover like?
  • Does the centre have policies and philosophies that match your values?
  • Is the environment exciting and well resourced?
  • Are sleep areas safe and well supervised?
  • Is the bathroom child-friendly and clean?
  • Are meals nutritious and prepared hygienically?
  • Does the centre provide nappies and is this an extra cost?
  • How will the centre work around your own established routine?
  • How will the centre report back to you at the end of each day about food and milk intake, sleep patterns etc?