Homebased Information

‘Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of the future.’ – Maria Montessori


It is an honour for the management of the Sunrise Home-based Team to welcome you all to our family.Sunrise Home-based Childcare Service is a privately owned in-home childcare provider licenced by the Ministry of Education to provide quality care and education to children in a nurturing home based environment. Our service was established in 2010 and is currently providing care for children from birth to 5 years old throughout the Auckland area.



Our Vision is to provide personalised care and education as we believe each child has their unique strengths and need. Our passionate educators are well equipped to fulfil this objective, leading by example to support their growth.

In our service children have time to be, time to belong, time to contribute, time to communicate and time to explore and discover.

We are grateful for the trust you have placed in our Educators and acknowledge that we will work to ensure you that your child will learn and grow in way that will make you feel proud.

At Sunrise Home-based your child will experience:

  • A warm, welcoming and nurturing environment
  • Personalised care and attention is provided in a home environment.
  • interaction with the wider community through regular trips and events
  • An appreciation and respect for different cultures.

Our Goal is to provide a secure, caring and nurturing environment so every child can learn and grow in their developmental years. We believe this is only possible with the support of parents and a dedicated and passionate educators who will help us to build strong family, strong community. We want your child to feel nurtured, to be intrigued by the world and its opportunities and to be ready for school, having experienced a wide range of activities during their time with our educators. In a small family group children can follow their own rhythms and routines and be who they are.

We believe that children’s learning is enriched through respectful relationships between peers, whanau, educator and coordinators. We value diverse cultures and the importance of multicultural environments to cater for children’s individual needs and their whanau. Working together in providing children with meaningful experiences and inspiring opportunities will support children to become confident and capable learners. Your coordinator will provide you with the Te Whariki Book that you can maintain with you in the home, as this book will be the book that links all children’s learning together.


Provide exceptional developmental and learning experience to your children, visit us today!